Understanding Nurse Salaries in Finland

Understanding Nurse Salaries in Finland

The financial aspect of a nursing career is a crucial consideration for healthcare professionals, and nurses in Finland are no exception. Let’s delve into the salary landscape for nurses in Finland to gain a better understanding of what to expect in terms of compensation.

Average Nursing Salary in Finland:

  • A nurse working in Finland typically earns an average monthly salary of approximately €4,530, according to data from salaryexplorer.com. It’s important to note that salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the specific nursing role.

Salary Range:

  • Nursing salaries in Finland span a range from €2,910 (the lowest average) to €8,720 (the highest average). It’s worth mentioning that the actual maximum salary can be even higher for certain positions.

Variations in Salary by Job Title:

  • The salary you can expect as a nurse in Finland depends on your specific job title. Here’s an overview of average salaries for various nursing professions:
    • Acute Care Nurse: An average salary of €4,040.
    • Assistant Director of Nursing: An average salary of €6,500.
    • Case Manager: An average salary of €5,140.
    • Company Nurse: An average salary of €3,000.
    • Critical Care Nurse: An average salary of €4,070.

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