The admission process for Clients

The following structured admission process ensures that candidates are well-prepared linguistically, professionally, and administratively to integrate into the Finnish healthcare system. The support provided at each stage demonstrates a commitment to a smooth and successful transition for international nurses.

  1. Initial Inquiry and Application:
  • Prospective candidates express their interest in the program, possibly through an initial inquiry or application process.

2. Document Evaluation:

  • The program’s expert team conducts a thorough evaluation of the candidates’ documents. This evaluation ensures that the candidates’ nursing qualifications align with Finnish standards.

3. Online Orientation:

  • Qualified candidates participate in an online orientation session. This session could provide detailed information about the program, its requirements, and what candidates can expect during their journey.

4. Finnish Language Course:

  • Candidates who successfully pass the initial evaluation may enroll in the comprehensive 6-month Finnish language course. This course is designed to bring candidates to a proficiency level of A2 in the Finnish language.

5. Language Proficiency Assessment:

  • After completing the language course, candidates undergo an assessment to ensure they have achieved the required proficiency level (A2) in the Finnish language.

6. Career Support:

  • Upon meeting the language proficiency requirements, candidates receive support to gain acceptance into supplementary courses. These courses aim to enhance their nursing skills and knowledge, preparing them for the Finnish healthcare system.

7. Immigration Support:

  • Candidates who successfully complete the language and supplementary courses receive assistance in managing the submission of documents required for immigration. The program’s team handles the entire residence permit processing on behalf of the candidates.

8. Confirmation of Admission:

  • Candidates who have successfully completed all stages of the admission process receive confirmation of their admission into the program.

9. Orientation to Finnish Social and Healthcare System:

  • As part of the program, candidates may receive orientation sessions or materials to familiarize them with the Finnish social and healthcare system.

10. Commencement of Nursing Career:

  • With all requirements met, candidates are ready to start their nursing career in Finland.